Managing tables and relations, Android SQLite using Storm

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With Storm, tables can be mapped to entities with @Table annotation. It works similar to most of the ORM solutions with few exceptions. Example Mapping: @Table(name = “DEMO_ENTITY”, version = 2) class Entity { @PrimaryKey @Column(name=”ID”, type = FieldType.INTEGER) private int id; } Every table must have a @PrimaryKey annotation, or the meta data reading […]

Getting started with SQLite Android

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Adding to Project To add storm to your Android project, please use below for Gradle in your project specific Gradle file. This would add Cubestack bitray Mave repository to your project maven { url “” } Once Maven repository is added, you may import Storm to your project with current version (1.0g) or any other […]

Reinventing the wheels

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As per Wiki’s deleted (Yeah! I found below content from Google’s cache) article on this “Reinventing the wheel is a phrase that means to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others..” Lets get back a couple of steps, when development of software begins, it usually starts with a […]